Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is Not Advice

"Hello, readers," I say (to myself), knowing well and good that this statement is optimistic at best, quixotic on some levels, and most likely just plain unnecessary. Maybe someday, with the helpful nudge of Portland State University, others will be interested in our experiences. Future students will look to us for advice before they embark on their own maiden voyages. Businesses will use our research and findings to develop frameworks for responsible practices. Or at least, we will have "readers."

But for now, as the title denotes, this is not advice. We are not experts, executives, or exemplars. We are students, and we find this to be an enviable position, indeed.

To follow will be a chronicled exercise in collaboration: between students and experts, didactics and experiences, business and charity, and east and west.

The story will be told from the perspective of four MBA students, who will travel to Saigon to work with a Vietnamese foundation and meet with business executives to assess the state of corporate social responsibility in Vietnam.
To demonstrate our commitment to transparency (as the corporates say), we created this blog, in an attempt to convey our message with as much honesty and as few preconceptions as possible.

Please enjoy.

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  1. You are what the future is about... thanks for caring and taking the risk!